Wall Update


Here is this week’s progress on the wall. I realized that parts of it were starting to look like Jacobean embroidery, so I decided to emphasize that (see the bottom left corner and the top right?) It doesn’t look like I did much, but I’m working slowly. At the top, if I stand up, I’m too tall to paint at that level comfortably, but if I kneel, I’m too short – so I end up doing this half-crouch/half-stand thing that is RIDICULOUSLY tough on my knees.

In other news, I’ve started a low carb diet and HOLY CRAP I AM READY TO KILL SOMEONE. It’s supposed to be one of the few things that works for women with PCOS though, so I’m trying to stick with it. I’d slap my mama for a cookie or a piece of bread though (no I wouldn’t, love you mama.) I’m shaky and irritable and oh my god did I say how much I’d like a cookie?