Mid-August Update


What I’m playing: Dragon Age II for roughly the kajillionth time. So many people hate it. Listen, it wasn’t as great as DA:Origins by any means. It was too short, and all the dungeons infamously look the same. Also, no Warden, who we had grown attached to in DA:O. But I thought the story was great. I loved the idea that you and your companions were buddies and just kind of hung out with each other over a decade, not always just for saving the world. Varric is one of the best characters in video gaming. And the twist at the end had me throwing my controller at the screen in rage. That being said, I am pretty confident that the upcoming Inquisition isn’t going to have the issues that DA II had. Sure, there will probably be all new issues, but they won’t involve seeing the same three warehouses through the whole game.

What I’m watching: The Avengers. And Thor. Over and over again. Mostly for Loki. I’m one of those people, yes. I’m a sucker for tragic villains with British accents. And big beautiful sad eyes. And British accents.

But on a less fangirly note, I finally got to see Pacific Rim. What a great movie, man. I can’t believe it’s not doing better at the box office. It’s clever, it’s beautiful, and it’s fun. “Drifting” (in which two pilots of a Jaeger – basically a giant gundam – are telepathically linked together so they can operate the machine) is an awesome concept.

What I’m reading:  I, Judas by Taylor Caldwell. I have tried to read this one a few times before and got distracted with other books. I’m not sure why, because the book isn’t even remotely boring. It’s Taylor Caldwell, after all, and she’s always kind of sordid.

The book is a retelling of Jesus’ life and death as seen through the eyes of Judas Iscariot. You know, the traitor. The bad guy. The one with all the good songs in Jesus Christ Superstar. I love reading about religion and biblical retellings, but I’m always sort of wary of picking a new one up, because so many of them are those sappy, preachy tales with a moral at the end. You guys know how much I hate morals. Anyway, this is most definitely not that kind of book.

What I’m drinking: Well not a lot lately due to some heinous liver issues (completely unrelated to boozing, thank you), but the last notable thing I did was attend an Embrace the Funk tasting with my delightful and perpetually drunk best friend S. She and her husband introduced me to the world of truly great beer and we share a love of various sours and wild ales. Tennessee has some archaic beer laws, which means we don’t get a lot of great imports into our fair state – especially sours, because they’re such a niche product anyway. So when the Embrace the Funk tour came around, we jumped on that. We had a pretty good time, even though quite a few of the beers there were the cheaper lambics like Lindemans.


Why I am Never Firing Netflix Up in the Presence of Friends Ever Again: a Play by Casey Leigh

Netflix: Because you watched “Revenge of the Bridesmaids”:

Me: Oh no. No. I thought it was the other Bridesmaids movie and by the time I realized it wasn’t, it was too late.

Netflix: We are going to shame you by suggesting the worst we have to offer – And we’re Netflix, so that well runs pretty damn deep. How about “White Chicks?” That seems like your kind of movie, you cheeky little troglodyte, you!

Me: Oh God, Netflix, don’t do this to me, I’ve got friends over, people I want to respect me —

Netflix: Haha, that’s nice. Oh look, Ace Ventura is a suggested movie, too. You DO love Jim Carrey, don’t you?

Me: I do not love Jim Carrey.

Netflix: That’s strange. According to our predictive algorithms you totally love Jim Carrey, especially back in the 90s when he was all about poop and making stupid faces. And Louie Anderson. Like, you LOVE Louie Anderson. You think he’s an artist.


Netflix: Do too. You want to marry him.

Me: Look, I’ve got good movies in my queue. Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind–

Netflix: Yes, wedged right in between Toddlers and Tiaras and Sorority Sleepover Chainsaw Nightmare Part V.


Netflix: “Oh and lets look up some Nicholas Cage movies for you and your friends. Some of the real classy ones he’s been doing lately. What’s the name of the one where he gets attacked by bees? Why it’s The Wicker Man, and look at that, it’s already in your ‘recently watched’ pile! My goodness, I am good at this.”

Me: “. . .I hate Netflix. And myself.”