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Oh hello! I haven’t written here in a while – I decided to just start over.

You can find my new blog at unicornbuffet.com.


In a Hole in the Ground, There Lived a Hobbit. . .

I bought a condo about a year and a half ago. It’s small – a little over 1,000 square feet – but big enough for me and my cat. It’s cozy. I call it the Hobbit Hole (which is also what I would call a porn shop if I ever opened one.) I love owning my own place. I’ve been able to paint and put my own touches on everything. It also means I have to fix everything, but thanks to YouTube, I’ve become quite the handy(wo)man.  I’ve fixed toilets, air conditioners, garbage disposals, remounted doors. . .a year ago I had no idea how to do any of this. I like it. It makes me feel capable.

(My apologies for the quality of these photos. I have the shakiest hands ever these days. My dreams of being a surgeon are dashed!)




So that’s my living room and my bedroom. The spare bedroom (aka the craft room, aka the cat’s lair) is nothing special to look at. The kitchen is lovely but it happens to be absolutely drenched in flour and my tears at the moment, so no photos there.


You remember the wall that I was doing, right? Well this is how far I got on it, but I think I’m going to start over. I’m really not happy with the color of the wall. You can’t really tell in the photo, but it’s this very pale, blue-leaning-toward-purple color. Almost lavender, really. I hate it. I think I’m going to paint over it with a light grey and then keep the design the darker grey that it is now.

I have an adorable little patio area, too, but right now it looks like The Secret Garden out there, like there’s going to be a hunchback hiding behind one of the three-foot tall weeds. Gardening is still one thing I have to master. Everything withers under my touch!


For My Fellow Non-Profit Employees

I have been employed at a local NPO for almost five years now, and I love it. It is immensely satisfying to spend my working hours actually helping people. Considering my generally blackened husk of a soul, I know this surprises some of you, but I have a soft spot for the disenfranchised. Unfortunately for me, this all means I get relatively low pay for my degree (but it’s an English degree, so maybe not, haha) and have to deal with a laughable amount of bureaucracy, but it is so, so worth it.

(Not to mention I have made some of my best friends here. For the first time in my life, I do not dread Monday mornings.)

Anyway, what brings this on is this Tumblr, which is hilarious and at times painfully truthful: Working at a Non-Profit.


Mid-August Update


What I’m playing: Dragon Age II for roughly the kajillionth time. So many people hate it. Listen, it wasn’t as great as DA:Origins by any means. It was too short, and all the dungeons infamously look the same. Also, no Warden, who we had grown attached to in DA:O. But I thought the story was great. I loved the idea that you and your companions were buddies and just kind of hung out with each other over a decade, not always just for saving the world. Varric is one of the best characters in video gaming. And the twist at the end had me throwing my controller at the screen in rage. That being said, I am pretty confident that the upcoming Inquisition isn’t going to have the issues that DA II had. Sure, there will probably be all new issues, but they won’t involve seeing the same three warehouses through the whole game.

What I’m watching: The Avengers. And Thor. Over and over again. Mostly for Loki. I’m one of those people, yes. I’m a sucker for tragic villains with British accents. And big beautiful sad eyes. And British accents.

But on a less fangirly note, I finally got to see Pacific Rim. What a great movie, man. I can’t believe it’s not doing better at the box office. It’s clever, it’s beautiful, and it’s fun. “Drifting” (in which two pilots of a Jaeger – basically a giant gundam – are telepathically linked together so they can operate the machine) is an awesome concept.

What I’m reading:  I, Judas by Taylor Caldwell. I have tried to read this one a few times before and got distracted with other books. I’m not sure why, because the book isn’t even remotely boring. It’s Taylor Caldwell, after all, and she’s always kind of sordid.

The book is a retelling of Jesus’ life and death as seen through the eyes of Judas Iscariot. You know, the traitor. The bad guy. The one with all the good songs in Jesus Christ Superstar. I love reading about religion and biblical retellings, but I’m always sort of wary of picking a new one up, because so many of them are those sappy, preachy tales with a moral at the end. You guys know how much I hate morals. Anyway, this is most definitely not that kind of book.

What I’m drinking: Well not a lot lately due to some heinous liver issues (completely unrelated to boozing, thank you), but the last notable thing I did was attend an Embrace the Funk tasting with my delightful and perpetually drunk best friend S. She and her husband introduced me to the world of truly great beer and we share a love of various sours and wild ales. Tennessee has some archaic beer laws, which means we don’t get a lot of great imports into our fair state – especially sours, because they’re such a niche product anyway. So when the Embrace the Funk tour came around, we jumped on that. We had a pretty good time, even though quite a few of the beers there were the cheaper lambics like Lindemans.



So I used to write constantly. This time, I’m not talking about blogging, I’m talking about straight-up pages and pages of fiction. Ever since I was little, write write write. Then college came, and the demands of my social and school life came before writing. And then, when I transfered schools, I decided to become a creative writing major. Nothing has ever sucked the will to write from me like actually being forced to write. So I changed my concentration to Technical Writing (which is still writing but not, you know, writing) and didn’t write anything fictional for quite some time.

That’s changed in the past few years, though. The writing bug has bitten me, an d I’ve been putting pen to paper a lot more lately. I mean that literally, too – there’s something I very much enjoy about the actual, physical process of writing words out on paper. It somehow feels more personal to me. I am so very rusty, though, and it embarrasses me. Such a silly sentiment, but true. I’m pushing on, however. It’ll come back to me.

And you know, the funny thing is that I don’t really write most of this stuff with the intention of anyone reading them ( save for Sammi and a few others.) It’s just a relaxing pastime – a little bit like playing pretend. But even though I don’t ever plan to do anything serious with my writing, I still want it to be good, you know? To that end, I’ve been reading a lot of essays about improving your writing and came upon this gem by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s long, but worth it.

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“Girls Like it When”


Man, okay so there’s this #girlslikeitwhen tag going around on Twitter and holy crap I’m pretty sure some of those people posting in it haven’t ever really seen a girl. One tweet suggested that girls like it when “you wake them up with a good morning text.” Now listen, I don’t know about you guys but if ANYONE wakes me up with a good morning text – guy, girl, cat, whatever – I will throw the phone across the room, attempt (resentfully) to gain back whatever amount of sleep I lost because you had to be all “lol good mrng how r u” (if you use “u” in a text message to me I will honest-to-god headbutt you straight up in the kidney), and when I wake? No matter what I had planned that day, I will cancel it. I will spend the day planning my revenge. And then, just as you rest your greasy little head on your pillow to sleep, I will march to your crappy little craphole apartment, burst in through a wall like the Kool-Aid man and jump up and down on your bed, screaming “LOL HOW R U” over and over again.

(“Too Angry to Love: the Casey Leigh Story” coming to Lifetime this fall.)