In a Hole in the Ground, There Lived a Hobbit. . .

I bought a condo about a year and a half ago. It’s small – a little over 1,000 square feet – but big enough for me and my cat. It’s cozy. I call it the Hobbit Hole (which is also what I would call a porn shop if I ever opened one.) I love owning my own place. I’ve been able to paint and put my own touches on everything. It also means I have to fix everything, but thanks to YouTube, I’ve become quite the handy(wo)man.  I’ve fixed toilets, air conditioners, garbage disposals, remounted doors. . .a year ago I had no idea how to do any of this. I like it. It makes me feel capable.

(My apologies for the quality of these photos. I have the shakiest hands ever these days. My dreams of being a surgeon are dashed!)




So that’s my living room and my bedroom. The spare bedroom (aka the craft room, aka the cat’s lair) is nothing special to look at. The kitchen is lovely but it happens to be absolutely drenched in flour and my tears at the moment, so no photos there.


You remember the wall that I was doing, right? Well this is how far I got on it, but I think I’m going to start over. I’m really not happy with the color of the wall. You can’t really tell in the photo, but it’s this very pale, blue-leaning-toward-purple color. Almost lavender, really. I hate it. I think I’m going to paint over it with a light grey and then keep the design the darker grey that it is now.

I have an adorable little patio area, too, but right now it looks like The Secret Garden out there, like there’s going to be a hunchback hiding behind one of the three-foot tall weeds. Gardening is still one thing I have to master. Everything withers under my touch!



4 thoughts on “In a Hole in the Ground, There Lived a Hobbit. . .

    • I want you to be in this place again! You’ll have to switch rooms with me though because I moved the litterbox to the guest room and it definitely smells like cat in there now. I am not going to subject any of my guests to that.

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