I’m Alive!

You know, about six or seven years ago, I used to blog constantly. I guess maybe that’s because I was a college student with nothing better to do than tell everyone about alll the Jaeger shots I totally downed at that party, like omg you guyyyys.

Now, my life is pretty boring. It’s me, my cat, my best friend and her husband, my other best friend, and my job. The job is fun. I don’t really want to write about the job though because you hear a lot of stories about people getting fired for that shit, and I really really love my job, so yeah. (Not that it’s terribly interesting anyway. I am a paper-wrangler for a non-profit. My boss throws paperclips in my hair. That’s about it.)

Not a lot of drama in my life either. I see a therapist every few weeks, and we talk about how carbs make me feel. I’m on two different anti-depressants, and I am somehow losing weight on them. Maybe it’s because I’m exercising a lot, lately. I don’t know. I do know that I’m feeling better than I have in several years.

(But my god, I have got to bid adieu to carbs. I could eat my weight in potato skins.)

(Now I want potato skins. Dammit, brain.)

There was actually going to be a point to this post, and I’ve forgotten what it was.

I’ve given up caffeine. I thought it would have more of an effect on me. But no, I’m still as flighty and high-strung as ever! Less headaches, though, and I sleep better at night. I also like the feeling of having conquered an addiction – even one as small as caffeine. Next step is to give up sodas completely – I’ve been sticking with the caffeine free ones, but aspartame is kind of starting to freak me out, the more I hear about it. If I’m going to get cancer, I want it to be because of my crappy genetics, not because I drink thirteen Sprite Zeros in a day.

(That was hyperbole.)

So something else has been going on that I’m really enjoying – and don’t you judge me – is that I’ve been playing D&D about once a month with some friends for the last year. Jan’s brother is the DM. I was really excited before we started because I was all “Yesss, nerds! My people!” and then it turned out that they were actually all way cooler than I was. I was looking forward to being one of the more socially adept people in a room for once, but nooo. These people are all really smart and funny and well-adjusted, and then there’s me, basically a lady version of Milton from Office Space. OH WELL. Anyway, it’s awesome. Jan’s brother is a great DM and the campaign has been hilarious and creative. It’s way more Monty Python than Lord of the Rings. I play a barbarian lady. A barbarian lady who is covered in dead squirrels. It’s pretty rad, not gonna lie.

Yeah, I still can’t remember what the point of this post was going to be. I’m sorry. I’m obviously feeling chatty today.


5 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. Yay! You’re back!

    I am massively addicted to soda and one way I have of not drinking so much is Arizona Green Tea and Crystal Light. I use like one pack of Crystal Light that they say to put in like 16 oz and I put it in 32 oz, because that’s how I roll. It helps me drink more water and less soda. It’s still an artificial sweetener, but probably a better amount than I would get if I drank 32 oz of diet soda. I also sometimes get flavored seltzer water (the orange is good) and mix it with just a couple oz of cranberry juice. It is really good! Like a nonalcoholic cocktail. I feel very refined and fancy when I drink it.

      • I am getting better about water, but I still don’t like it too much. It has to taste like absolutely nothing for me to drink it, like distilled. Good luck cutting out soda!

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