My New Wall

My New Wall

I apparently have some sort of mental issue with getting in way over my head. This is what my hallway looks like now, thanks to a new coat of paint and a LOT of tiny little doodles in a metallic paint I grabbed at Home Depot. It’s not done, of course – I’m painting the whole wall like this, and it is going to take forever. This is what you get for being spontaneous, Casey Leigh!


7 thoughts on “My New Wall

  1. Best wall in the world. Way snazzier than that big Chinese one. I want to sit upstairs and read and chat and surf while you paint that.

    Also, is that a new shower curtain?

    • Shoot, I wish you were here to read and chat and surf while I paint! Except you’d need like three coats. Everyone else turned their heating on two weeks ago, whilst I am enjoying the lovely, lovely cool air in my home, haha! And yep, new shower curtain. I got bored with the old one, and the bathroom is such an easy thing to change up anyway.

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