Drawing in the margins

I’m currently a little under a week through a month-long (or more?) sojourn from Facebook. I’m doing it in an attempt to regain the creativity I feel like I’ve lost in the past few years. That and I just need a break from people in general, lately. Everybody talks so fast, moves so fast, has so much drama. My chest tightens at the thought of it. I’m trying to break my addiction to social media. I like the attention, and I enjoy the ability to spout off short, funny updates – but they’re like drops of water in an ocean. They don’t mean much and they don’t require any thought for me, and I believe that bowing out of the Facebook scene for a while might give me free time and motivation back. We’ll see. It’s an interesting experiment, in any case.

I haven’t really done much, art-wise, in my Facebook-free week so far. I’ve written ten pages worth of story, which was completely unintended, but I’ll take it. I did draw this, though. Unfortunately it started as a doodle on a notebook divider – hence the gaping hole in mademoiselle here. I made myself a lightbox a long time ago for copying things like this (because this happens a lot more than you’d think – I am so disorganized), but the drawings always seem to lose something in translation. Since I didn’t see it becoming a bigger painting anyway, I just said ‘screw it,’ and painted right on the divider. Watercolor and colored pencils, per the usual. And that’s a pomegranate she’s holding, not a heart. I know it looks like a heart, but it’s actually a pomegranate. I guess it’s kinda-sorta supposed to be Persephone. I mean, like, you can just go ahead and think to yourself that it’s a heart if you want to because that’s what I thought when I finished it (I was drinking a little while I painted), because I guess I’d never know if you did think that, would I?

Also she has fingers, they just aren’t showing up very well. I really need a new scanner. So to recap: it’s not a heart and she does not have hideous penguin claws. Even though it looks like she possesses both. Look with your special eyes!



3 thoughts on “Drawing in the margins

  1. Ten pages? Oh my GOD. I don’t know if I’ve ever done ten pages in a week. Certainly never ten pages and a Persephone. I think this is experiment is already working out grandly.

    • To be fair, Sarah, you are a meticulous self-editor with incredibly high standards. I, on the other hand, am straight-up aiming for beautifully ridiculous purple prose. Different worlds! 😉

      • Different worlds, but no less impressive to me. I once spent a year writing ten pages of beautifully ridiculous purple prose. (I just didn’t know it at the time.) First thing I ever finished.

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