And more art.

I did two paintings last week. One turned out pretty good and the other one sucked. Oh man. Sucked. And you know, everyone strikes out sometimes, but usually I can tell at least midway through a painting if it’s going to suck or not. With this one, however, I’d been pretty excited about it and was really enjoying working on it, getting totally into the process. . .and then I stepped back and it looked like I pooped on a coloring book. So that was depressing. THIS ONE, however, I like pretty well:


It’s actually a redo of one I did in 2008, and I personally think it’s reassuring to see that I’ve improved a little.



3 thoughts on “And more art.

      • You’re welcome. Yes my cats try to get bits of their fur on my work too. Pesky creatures! Great work, I’m looking forward to more of your posts. 😀

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