Hello, strangers!

First let me apologize for not being as present on this blog as I intended to be. It turns out I came down with a massive case of strep throat not long after I posted that last entry. This was my first time dealing with strep, so I was totally taken aback and acted like a big whiny baby through the whole ordeal. In my defense, though, it felt like I was swallowing shards of glass for a while there. I feel like I deserve a medal or a commemorative plate or something for my suffering. I hate being sick. On the upside, I’m on the tail end of the antibiotics and they’re making my skin look all dewy and youthful and shit. So that’s nice.

But back to the point. I won’t leave you again, baby (unless the strep throat makes a return), and I’ll have some new art for you soon. In fact, I think Imay have found a solution that will let me make prints of my work. I’m waiting for the results on that one, and hoping for good news. In the meantime, have a picture of a pomelo I anthropomorphized:



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